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Applied Automation Solutions

Learn how to automate your company’s routine processes and tasks, such as Employee onboarding process (HR), Monitoring of employees on worker’s compensation, Invoice Processing (Financial), and Automatic Traffic Ticket Verification (Logistics)

Driver’s license status query

Use case  Having a driver with a suspended or revoked license driving one of your company’s vehicles can be a problem. To avoid these situations, monitor your drivers using Auctus.ai’s cognitive search platform as often as you need to reduce costs associated with fines, violations, vehicle impounds, or insurance-related issues. Customers using solution have already…

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants reduce customer service internal user service costs by more than 40%   Virtual assistants understand the intent of users/clients in Natural Language (NLP), context and domain of conversation. They must have guided learning capability and integration with other systems.     Virtual assistants understand the intentions of users/clients in Natural Language (NLP), context,…

Automatic verification of traffic tickets

Fleet owners in Brazil struggle with the number of tickets that take a long time to arrive by mail. This delay can make companies miss the deadline for appeal, making it impossible to designate the driver who committed the infraction and possibly resulting in overcharges, costing hundreds of thousands of reais, in addition to the…