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  • Monitoring the risk of logistics operations

    Monitoring the risk of logistics operations

    Monitor suspicious and risky behavior in your shipments. Receive alerts in case of proximity to hazardous areas, high incidence of theft, accidents and other possibly critical events. Cargo theft accounted for losses of R$ 1.4 billion in 2019

  • Driver’s license status query

    Driver’s license status query

    Use case  Having a driver with a suspended or revoked license driving one of your company’s vehicles can be a problem. To avoid these situations, monitor your drivers using’s cognitive search platform as often as you need to reduce costs associated with fines, violations, vehicle impounds, or insurance-related issues. Customers using solution have already […]

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants reduce customer service internal user service costs by more than 40%   Virtual assistants understand the intent of users/clients in Natural Language (NLP), context and domain of conversation. They must have guided learning capability and integration with other systems.     Virtual assistants understand the intentions of users/clients in Natural Language (NLP), context, […]

  • Automatic verification of traffic tickets

    Automatic verification of traffic tickets

    Fleet owners in Brazil struggle with the number of tickets that take a long time to arrive by mail. This delay can make companies miss the deadline for appeal, making it impossible to designate the driver who committed the infraction and possibly resulting in overcharges, costing hundreds of thousands of reais, in addition to the […]

  • Make your quote more efficient and profitable

    Make your quote more efficient and profitable

    Through APIs and related information, a smart quoting system can quickly and efficiently calculate all the important variables for preparing a quote, such as: vehicle type, fuel consumption, tolls, special payment slips, traffic, weather conditions, freight sharing, return freight, etc. This solution provides greater efficiency and speed in getting replies for your quotes, making your […]

  • Predictive Routing

    Predictive Routing

    AI use case: predictive routing  Defining the Problem  Success in pest and disease control depends on choosing the right product and its correct application. Climate conditions should be favorable to the absorption and translocation of products. One common issue is for the product to arrive in suboptimal conditions, causing the customer to return the load. […]

  • Employee onboarding process (HR)

    Employee onboarding process (HR)

    The employee onboarding process is filled with repetitive tasks: check if the candidate has all the personal documents, all necessary certifications for educational institution functions and, often, Specific situations on government websites. A virtual assistant can interact with candidates in colloquial language, identify missing information and documents, and access websites to make the necessary validations. […]

  • Invoice processing

    Invoice processing

    An accounting firm client saved more than 500 hours of labor per month on invoice processing A logistics company saved more than R$ 100,000 per month on its fleets and reduced the risk of non-payment of insurance in 30% of cases. Payment slip activities require 4 people to perform. By automating the process, these people […]

  • KplaaS Service Platform

    KplaaS Service Platform

    Use case         We implemented the Iris Platform in a hospital supplies distributor in order to seek, compile, configure and present a dashboard, accessed by any device: computer, tablet and mobile phones, the indicators of proposals in progress, orders to invoice, billing, inventory, delivery times, accounts receivable, profit margin per sale, billing forecast and other indicators […]

  • Sustainability Master Plan

    Sustainability Master Plan

    Environmental: Climate change, effluent and waste emissions, soil conservation, water resources, environmental education; Social: Relationship with employees, suppliers, customers, government and community associations, local relationships; Economic: Local economic impact and internal economic management   Governance: Alignment with certifications, application of SMP guidelines with quality, stakeholder management  Innovation: Biotechnology, efficient management processes, research, new technologies, impact assessment Communication: Maintain transparency […]