Bravo and partner to create the Business Intelligence Platform

Modernize to better serve customers and suppliers. With that in mind, Augmented Intelligence and Bravo Logistics Services announced a great partnership in November. The project to create the Business Intelligence Platform for data management and structuring will start with the Sales and 4PL areas, and then expand across the company specialized in logistics focused on agribusiness.

According to CEO Marcos Vilela Ribeiro, automation with data management was a natural need for the company. “We understand that with the changes the world is going through, we needed to evolve and use new technologies for our business. We started this data management project with our IT team supporting the needs of the business areas, but with the increase in demand we concluded that we needed to organize a centralized database and generate autonomy for the business areas to handle their information through business intelligence. Hence this partnership with, which specializes in this type of process,” he said.

Once the data is structured, Bravo can come in and work on the predictive and prescriptive analysis, going beyond traditional Business Intelligence. “It is possible to use data, processes and algorithms to make predictions, simulate and optimize the business,” says executive André Scher.

But, according to André Scher, the work to achieve the desired technologies and processes is complex and goes beyond structuring the database. “It’s a challenging project, especially because of the size of the company and the type of operations it is engaged in. We’re going to look at what’s out there in terms of data storage and compilation and create a new system, more complete, with new views and information from different sectors of the company that are needed in the sales and 4PL areas. That will allow us to evaluate and bridge the various information gaps and assemble the business indicators for each of them. For example, they handle the shipping and storage of different agricultural products, and having information that facilitates and optimizes these processes provides extraordinary gains for their operations,” he explains.

André Scher also noted that, after the framework is implemented, will also train Bravo’s staff so that new visions and possibilities can be developed directly within the business areas, making the benefits even more scalable.

Bravo’s 4PL operations manager, Marcos Azevedo, sees augmented intelligence as a great ally. “Our IT staff offered us a preview of the possibilities. There are several initiatives in the different business areas and we need to take a specific look at each one of them. With this framework, we’ll be able to generate more information for customers and suppliers. We will be able to improve operational issues, for example, such as defining the best delivery profile in each situation, ordering pending and urgent deliveries, forecasting demands,” he says.

Predictive analyses will also be improved with the new system, allowing the anticipation of behaviors (problems with the weather, labor strikes, fuel prices, toll hikes) and ensuring greater time and cost efficiency in the delivery. “This partnership aims to ensure that Bravo can provide even more efficiency and value to its clients’ logistics chain, allowing services to be faster, improved and more profitable,” concludes André Scher.

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