A Auctus.ai

We are a company formed by several success stories in the corporate world. We started as the technological innovation department of Innovatech group, and in a few months we generated a series of services marked by heavy application of data science, artificial intelligence and process automation. We became an independent company and consolidated our focus on Augmented Intelligence, and today we operate in virtually all sectors of the economy. With an innovative and pragmatic approach, we seek viable use cases with a financial impact to then build along with our customers the journey of adopting artificial intelligence the most modern technologies available in the market. In this process, we cover process digitization and automation, structure the practice of data and the efficient use of the artificial intelligence model from end to end, and can cover cloud infrastructure, information security, process automation platforms and Artificial Intelligence. Our portfolio is broad and flexible, designed to help our customers add value for their business and make their operations more efficient.

Ethical Principles and Corporate Values

Simplify and make new technologies available, offering creative and efficient solutions, in order to collaborate with our customers to overcome results with excellence.


We seek conditions to improve ideas through cooperation, strategic alliances, new technologies and new applications to evolve in the creation of value and competitiveness of organizations.

Expert Team

We are skilled professionals motivated by common goals, with a focus on the client and with a balance between young talents and professional executive experience.

Quality Relationships

We build quality relationships between people, including clients, employees, partners, community and shareholders. We think, talk it over and come to an agreement.


We go beyond financial results; we have commitments to society and the environment. We conduct our business in a sustainable way, with a broad vision of economic, environmental and social aspects, where agile management and communication permeate our actions.


Fundamental principle for building relationships based on fairness and quality.


We do what’s right. This principle guides our decisions every day.


In addition to technical knowledge, our actions are guided by an ethical sense.


We treat each other with respect, valuing each individual and their contributions.

Meet Auctus.ai


Nilton Assis Jr
Project and Business Leader

jeremias janjao

Jeremias Nascimento
Líder Técnico

04 Robison

Robinson Cannaval
Independent Counselor

05 Luiz Felipe

Luiz Fellipe Arcalá
Independent Counselor

Board Members

The Innovatech Group is based on the governance principles of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC). We use these principles as guidelines for our sustainability, generating and disseminating knowledge on best practices, applying and testing concepts internally, with the goal of bringing efficient solutions to our customers.

Internal Counselor

João Comério

Board Chairman

Robinson Cannaval

Internal Counselor

Independent Counselor

Manoel de Freitas

Jorney counselor

Bernardo Szpigel

Independent Counselor

Rogério Ziviani

Independent Counselor

Auctus.ai is an Innovatech Group company.

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