Use Cases

Use Case Examples

Select one of the items below to learn about real-life use cases that may apply to your business.

Creating a New Customer

A bank manager captures a new customer’s registration request, inserts it into ServiceNow, takes a copy of the documents, and sends the information packet to the registration. The back-office team receives this request, validates all fields by comparing the documents, inserts some fields that are in other systems (credit limits, for example) or in support worksheets, creates a new worksheet, has a cup of coffee, and logs into the CRM to insert the information.

Current Situation: Two working days, about 30 minutes of effort.

Using RPA and OCR

Our Client will have an application using RPA where the manager scans the document with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, and then the application automatically validates the information, enters into the systems to collect the credit limit, logs into the CRM and inserts all the information.

Impact: Significant reduction of activity.

Creating a Virtual Assistant

A company receives many calls asking information about certain products. The questions are only informative such as:

• What is the process of meeting room booking?
• How do i request my vacation?
• How do I make my purchase requisitions?

Current Situation: Use of 1-2 FTEs in medium-sized companies.

Using NPL

Our Client will have a ChatBot capable of understanding the intentions of the user and giving the response according to the training given to it. If the response was not satisfactory, the user’s question will be associated with the due intent, increasing the system’s efficiency.

Impact: Release of effort and reduction of service time.

Intelligent Contract Management

A large cellulose producer has multiple types of contracts signed with suppliers. The maintenance of these contracts and the analysis of specific clauses generates a great effort, and in cases of anticipations of harvests or extraordinary situations, the risk of unforeseen financial losses can represent a great risk.

Current Situation: Difficulty in management, increased risk.

Using Cognitive Analysis and NLP

Our client can insert the contracts to be evaluated in an intelligent system, which will identify the type of contract, values and rules for regulatory actions and/or objectives. The application will identify all contracts impacted by any anomalous situation in operating risk simulations.

Impact: Efficiency and Risk Improvement.