Employee Onboarding Automation – HR

The employee onboarding process is filled with repetitive tasks: check if the candidate has all the personal documents, all necessary certifications for educational institution functions and, often, specific situations on government websites.
A virtual assistant can interact with candidates in colloquial language, identify missing information and documents, and access websites to make the necessary validations.

When everything is checked out, the onboarding process can start. The HR team requests access and resources for IT, EPIs, access badge and security clearance, account opening and enrolls the employee in various benefits. In addition to being very time-consuming for HR professionals, these tasks are error-prone due to the usual interruptions of their daily routines. The smart automation solution (bots) by Auctus offers a robot capable of reading applicant scans, extracting the relevant information, and making sure that all required documents have been submitted.

Once that cycle is completed, the robot enters all internal systems to make the necessary requests quickly and error-free.
This set of automated tasks helps the employee onboarding cycle be 40% more agile, and increases satisfaction for the HR staff, which can devote their time to activities that truly add value.