We are a consulting company consisting of multiple success stories in the corporate world of multinational companies in the digital services and manufacturing sector. Launched as the innovation department of the Innovatech Group, and within a few months generating a series of consulting services with a strong application of data science and artificial intelligence, Auctus assumed its independence as a company, and consolidated its focus on Augmented intelligence for companies on several sectors.

With a pragmatic approach, we look for feasible use cases, with financial impact, so that we can build jointly with our clients the journey of adopting the artificial intelligence…

Technologic Solutions

Auctus was conceived with the spirit of a start-up company, but with the administrative and strategic governance of the Innovatech Group, a consolidated Group of consulting, management, venture capital, among others.



To idealize new business opportunities with the use of digital solutions and create the necessary environment to put them into action.


Customer’s Experience

To use digital and cloud solutions to enhance your customers’ experience.


Efficient Management

To manage your operation with agile services, process robotics and use of Analytics.


Augmented intelligence

Use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to your business to create new possibilities.

Use Case Approach

The Use Case Approach has proven to be the most efficient way to develop solutions based on Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation.

Creating a New Customer

A bank manager captures the request for a new customer’s registration, inserts it into ServiceNow, and takes copies of the…

Creating a Virtual Assistant

A company receives many calls asking information about certain products. The questions are only informative…

Contract Management

A large cellulose producer has multiple types of contracts signed with suppliers. The maintenance of these…

Services Portfolio

Our aspiration is to develop technologic solutions to create value for your operation and to help you to innovate in your line of business:

Augmented intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence and Analytics solutions to solve real business problems in both business and IT areas:
– Virtual Assistant (ChatBot)
– Prediction techniques for maintenance, commodity values, Customer behavior
– Detection of anomalies to identify failures, frauds
– Computer vision

Intelligent Automation

Analysis of the efficiency of business and IT processes, and creation of automation to improve the efficiency and the user’s experience:

– Transform the efficiency of your processes;

– Deploy the Intelligent Automation practice with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platforms and increase the productivity of your operation by up to 80%.


Let’s look at the current situation and draw together new business models and services to optimize and improve your operations:

– Creation of Augmented intelligence Centers of Excellence – Select the most appropriate RPA platform for your corporation;

– Create the roadmap for adoption of data culture and artificial intelligence.


Our aspiration is to develop technological solutions to create value for your operation and to help you to innovate in your line of business:

Chatbots Implementation

Creation of virtual assistant for travel requests to companies of the hospitality sector.

Process Automation

Automatic generation of truck release documents upon receipt of dispatch e-mails with the load data.

BI for Operational Efficiency

Creation of KPIs, harmonization of databases, automation of data ingestion process to generate real-time monitoring on the operational efficiency of customers.

Maintenance Prediction System

Creation of a predictive system using Machine Learning technique to optimize the availability of spare parts.

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