Predictive Maintenance

Optimizing mechanical availability


01: Defining the Problem

  • Performs lubrication analysis at three to five collection points on the machine
  • Different frequencies making controlling the collection difficult
  • Reactive analysis for maintenance, without connection with the objective of mechanical availability


  1. Solution

Smart lubrication analysis control application by monitoring the frequency of collection requests

Creation of a predictive model that took into account lubrication analysis and corrective maintenance history


  1. Results

More than 5% increase in mechanical availability due to less corrective maintenance

Reduction in lubricant changes

Inventory optimization of spare parts


The Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) is based on the triple bottom line (environmental, social and economic), complemented by efficient governance, innovation and communication processes


Sustainability Master Plan



Environmental: Climate change, effluent and waste emissions, soil conservation, water resources, environmental education;


Social: Relationship with employees, suppliers, customers, government and community associations, local relationships;


Economic: Local economic impact and internal economic management  


Governance: Alignment with certifications, application of SMP guidelines with quality, stakeholder management  


Innovation: Biotechnology, efficient management processes, research, new technologies, impact assessment


Communication: Maintain transparency and objectivity in communication to implement SMP and with stakeholders 


Strategic guidelines > Strategic planning > Multi-year planning > Budget > Goal breakdown