Iris Platform Application

Iris Platform Application Customer Case Study: Business Intelligence practice framework

Customer: Logistics and Transportation Company

Challenge: Business Intelligence (BI) has developed to meet the specific needs of each department. To meet the needs of clients with more complex logistics chains, we needed to make this framework more professional.


 But where should we start?

What is the best infrastructure? 

How do we automate the data input process? 

How can we build a platform that supports artificial intelligence platforms?


The project: We proposed a project where we analyzed the entire current scenario to define the technologies that would best fit the client’s needs. We implemented this platform and automated the data input process. That way all BIs would use the same – and always up-to-date – data structure.

On the business side, we understood the need for information and indicators. We created dashboards according to the needs of each area: executive, operational and customer service.

Looking forward, we created proofs of concept using predictive modeling through our platform.



The Iris Platform has enabled several improvements in the way this client uses their data to make important decisions. Here are some benefits achieved with your implementation:

  • Single source of data for all business indicators.

Everyone uses the same data to run their reports and analyses.

  • Scalable and homogeneous structure

All areas can create their bases in the same format with no space restrictions

  • Data Governance

Data access and publication of corporate information follow a rigorous governance process.


In numbers 

  • Data is automatically updated every 5 minutes

The creation of new indicators has been reduced from days to minutes

100% of the indicators draw from the same database. Information discrepancies have been eliminated