What do Darwinism, COVID-19 and Innovation have in common?

In the 19th century, naturalist Charles Darwin embarked on a four-plus-year expedition through the Southern Hemisphere that led him to challenge current thinking with his natural selection theory. According to Darwin’s theory, natural selection was responsible for the adaptability of living beings.

In the highly unlikely scenario of the current pandemic, we can clearly observe natural selection acting in the corporate world. No company was minimally prepared for the impact of this crisis, and yet they had to transition most of their employees to work from home, started selling through digital channels and are fighting for survival.

After the initial apocalyptic scare, digital transformation and work-at-home policies will become permanent fixtures for companies, even those that traditionally did not embrace these elements. An ISE Business School survey says 80% of managers said they liked the new way of working. The “new normal” of society and its changing trends, including consumption habits, are here to stay. Paradoxically, the exponential increase in online shopping is accompanied by renewed appreciation for local businesses.

The “new normal” scenario should be at the top of the list of strategic priorities for all companies and the big question I’ve been asking myself is, “How do we prepare for this new normal?”

The first effect on companies was to cut down on resources, including raw materials, financial and productive resources, as some employees were terminated and others were put on reduced schedules. Despite having to cut down on resources, 75% of CEOs have responded that they will accelerate technological transformation in their Fortune 500 companies. The key here is knowing exactly how to do that. Being data-driven and analytical is the best way to make decisions based on facts and realistic scenarios.

recovering lost efficiency by introducing a digital workforce with RPA (robotic process automation) has proven to be the best way to get back to and even exceed the productivity levels seen before the crisis. RPA implementation Can start with simpler, lower-cost processes and grow as the return on investment is proven.

In order to understand where to invest and how to control the outcome of the actions that have been prioritized, it is important to define key performance indicators (KPI), maintain a single database for the entire company, and create a monitoring dashboard that is updated frequently. When properly structured, Business Intelligence (BI) can identify risks, improvement trends and monitor the execution of goals.

To create new products and services for the “new normal,” companies need to understand the market, competitors and new technologies to create a business case with the highest level of trust. Monitoring multiple data sources and social media with careful selection criteria is what makes market intelligence so efficient.

Don’t let your company become extinct due to corporate Darwinism.


About auctus.ai – Augmented Intelligence

Technology company that offers consulting services and development of solutions based on data science, artificial intelligence and business process automation (RPA).

The business purpose of auctus.ai is to develop innovative solutions capable of increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the experience of our customers’ customers through the application of data science and intelligent process automation, where we automate not only repetitive tasks, but also integration between systems, using unstructured data and generating insights and predictions for making business decisions.

The solutions of auctus.ai can be applied in small to large companies, in business processes that are common to all financial, administrative, customer service, human resources and IT companies, among others.

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